Economic Revitalization


The objectives of this Action Plan's Economic Revitalization programs address the unmet needs of the Territory by: 
  • Generating opportunities for the local workforce to participate in recovery-related sectors such as construction as well as develop essential skills, digital literacy, and vocational skills training for tourism-related work and other key diversification sectors 
  • Providing financial support to impacted communities for economic revitalization and job growth efforts
  • Providing technical assistance to small businesses that sustain income producing jobs for residents of the disaster-impacted communities. 
  • Stabilizing and growing the tourism industry through key infrastructure improvements to ports and airports that will increase the Territory’s capacity to receive tourists
  • Investing in an advertising campaign that offsets negative perceptions of storm-related damages to the U.S. Virgin Islands and reinforces the Territory’s market position as a top sports & adventure, ecotourism, cultural, and romance destination in the U.S. 
Economic Revitalization Programs   Policies
Ports and Airports Enhancement Program

 Ports Enhancement Policies Version 1

Tourism Industry Support Program

 Tourism Support Policies Version 1

Workforce Development Program Program

Workforce Development Policies Version 1

Neighborhood Revitalization Program   Under     development
Small Business and Entrepreneurship Technical Assistance Programs   Under     development

Traduccion en proceso para todas las politicas y procedimientos