Economic Revitalization


The objectives of this Action Plan's Economic Revitalization programs address the unmet needs of the Territory by: 
  • Generating opportunities for the local workforce to participate in recovery-related sectors such as construction as well as develop essential skills, digital literacy, and vocational skills training for tourism-related work and other key diversification sectors 
  • Providing financial support to impacted communities for economic revitalization and job growth efforts
  • Providing technical assistance to small businesses that sustain income producing jobs for residents of the disaster-impacted communities. 
  • Stabilizing and growing the tourism industry through key infrastructure improvements to ports and airports that will increase the Territory’s capacity to receive tourists
  • Investing in an advertising campaign that offsets negative perceptions of storm-related damages to the U.S. Virgin Islands and reinforces the Territory’s market position as a top sports & adventure, ecotourism, cultural, and romance destination in the U.S. 
Economic Revitalization Programs   Policies
Ports and Airports Enhancement Program   Under     development
Tourism Industry Support Program   Under     development
Workforce Development Program Program   Under     development
Neighborhood Revitalization Program   Under     development
Small Business and Entrepreneurship Technical Assistance Programs   Under     development

For more information on the Infrastructure Programs, please see the Action Plan, Section 4.5.