The objectives of the Action Plan’s Housing Programs address the unmet housing needs in the Territory by: 
  • Supporting residents, especially low- and moderate-income residents, directly affected by the storms by rehabilitating or replacing housing units, including mitigation enhancements;  
  • Leveraging other funding sources and supporting community efforts to both address immediate gaps in rehabilitation of damaged homes with flexible funding and maximizing CDBG-DR dollars; 
  • Aiding in the rehabilitation and new development of housing for the most vulnerable, including temporary, emergency housing, and permanent supportive housing; 
  • Identifying opportunities to develop new housing stock to meet the urgent demand for affordable rental and owner-occupied housing; and 
  • Helping affected individuals by improving the resilience of their housing to reduce risk and strengthen neighborhoods for any future disasters while restoring their buildings and residences. 
Housing Programs   Policies
Homeowner Reconstruction Rehabilitation Program Homeowner Policies and Procedures Version 1
New Construction for Homeownership Opportunity and First Time Homebuyer Assistance Program

New Construction and First-Time Homebuyer Policies Version 1

Rental Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Program

 Rental Rehabilitation & Reconstruction Version 1

Public & Affordable Housing Development Program

Public and Afforable Housing Policies Version 1
Supportive Housing & Sheltering Programs

Traduccion en proceso para todas las politicas y procedimientos