If awarded, when will the funds be available?

It takes approximately nine (9) months before funds become available. Once applications have been submitted, they are first reviewed by CDBG staff. Public hearings are then conducted in accordance with the citizen participation process mandated by HUD. Upon completion of the public hearings, CDBG staff completes the evaluation process and selects projects to be recommended for funding. VI law requires that the Legislature approves the projects recommended for funding; this is done in the form of a bill that is moved from Committee of the Whole then to a vote by the full body and ratification by the Governor. The approved projects are then included in an Annual Action Plan document which is required to be submitted to HUD by August 16. Once HUD has notified the Territory that the Action Plan has been approved (HUD’s notification generally occurs by mid-November), CDBG staff begins the final steps that must be accomplished prior to authorization to start your program. Note: No costs may be incurred before the execution of the funding agreement and issuance of a formal Notice to Proceed by CDBG.